About Us

This small business began when a Teen of 15 who loves to help others wanted to make money for himself.

His first business venture started in 2014, with him creating and selling home-made Candles for pocket money at the age of 8.

Inspired by his holistic wellness up-bringing (a home adorned with crystals, natural remedies and conscious living), he studied a skincare course to expand his product base in 2021. His research via focus groups and studies led to him creating a range of handmade, natural, holistic wellness products, to help others harmonise their home & well-being.

He has a Market Stall where he actively sells his products in the Sydney Market circuits. His stall has become a popular feature, with Customers encouraging him to expand.  

All products created are inspired by his African heritage, and are handmade with natural ingredients such as herbs, flowers, crystals and essential oils.  They are also influenced by other natural wellness traditions inherited by this Global Citizen, that was born in Australia, grew up in Asia, whose parents were born in Europe with African-Caribbean Roots.

Thank you for supporting Halcyon Holistic Wellness Products!

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