Protection & Immunity - Smudge Bundle

Protection & Immunity - Smudge Bundle

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This Harmony Bundle can be used to cleanse and protect your space.

Amethyst - Protective Guardian | Calming |Treats insomnia | Strengthens immunity

The Crystals have various qualities to protect you and your home as well as inviting in positive energy.


  • 1 x Sage Torch
  • 1 x Amethyst Crystal Pillar

Our White Sage is sourced directly from its natural habitat in the US.  Our supplier supports 100's of families who have been harvesting White sage for generations.  They do not do "Wild Harvesting" and the sage grows on private property.

Please note that all Crystals are unique and therefore will slightly vary from the picture. However will be as similar as possible.


      1.  Remove crystal from smudge stick.
      2. Place the crystal where you are cleansing.
      3. Set the intention to cleanse negative/unwanted energy from you and your space.
      4. Meditate and invite the healing qualities of the Amethyst you are wanting.
      5. Light the smudge torch
      6. Once the flame appears gently blow it until it is reduced to smoke and embers (like incense).
      7. Wave it around you in a circular motion to self-cleanse.  Then walk around your space.  Use your hand to guide the smoke in the desired direction.  Pay particular attention to the corners of each room, cupboards and wardrobes. 
      8. Place the Palo Santo/Sage smudge stick on to a fireproof dish to burn out.
      9. Burn a Harmony Candle to raise your vibration or take a relaxing Harmonising Crystal bath.

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