Home & Body Cleansing Kit

Home & Body Cleansing Kit

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Home and Body Cleansing Kit to surround you with peace and harmony.

1 x Sage Smudge Torch

1 x Mini Crystal & Herb Harmony Candle

1 x Palo Santo Stick

1 x Mini Essential Oil and Flower Blend - Himalayan and Dead Sea Salt Crystals

1 x Mini Crystal Wand


  1. Remove Crystal, Separate smudge torch from Palo Santo Stick 
  2. Place the crystal in the space you will cleanse.
  3. Set the intention to cleanse negative/unwanted energy from you and your space.
  4. Light the smudge torch/Palo Santo.
  5. Once the flame appears gently blow it until it is reduced to smoke and embers (like incense).
  6. Wave it around you in a circular motion to self-cleanse.  Then walk around your space.  Use your hand to guide the smoke in the desired direction.  Pay particular attention to the corners of each room, cupboards and wardrobes. 
  7. The Sage and the Palo Santo can be used separately or together. If you choose to use both, begin with Sage and end your cleanse with Palo Santo.
  8. Place the Palo Santo/Sage Smudge stick on to a fireproof dish to burn out. 
  9. Burn the harmony candle to raise your vibration and/or take a relaxing Salt Crystal bath. 

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