Smudging Kits

Smudging is akin to a an energy cleansing.  It has been used by African and Native American Tribes for countless years as a traditional mode of spiritually cleansing the environment and physical being.  The use of white sage is said to clear and neutralise the space and invite energies of healing and positivity.

Widely used for clearing and healing purposes, Sage or Helichrysum is native to Southern Africa.  There are more than 100 species and several uses.  

Palo Santo or 'Holy Wood' is harvested in South and Central America.  It is used to purify, for energy cleansing and to ward off negativity.

Do you want to clear negativity and attract positivity into your energy field?  We offer a variety of Sage and Palo Santo combinations to Raise Your Vibration and Your Surroundings.

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